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Usual lovemaking is quite boring nowadays, or you can consider it old fashioned. Now the latest trend in escort business is to provide something extra or do something unique where client visit again and again for Bangalore Escorts.

To make myself stand apart from other independent escorts in Delhi, my escort session includes

Steam Bath:A simple innovative way of love making where you and I remove each other clothes in shower and kiss each other passionately just like lovers reunited after a long time. Also apply oil, soap, wash each other and play with water to make it an extraordinary love making idea. The steam bath session is so addictive and popular among my clients that they no matter how busy their schedule is, whether they have to catch an early morning flight, they always come to me for steam bath session.

Weekend Companionship:Just like Weekend Gateways, I provide weekend companionship where you and I can escape from congested Delhi to Kashmir, Himachal, Goa, Jaipur or any place where you can reveal your inner self as well as satisfy your physical desires. Ideal for business executives who come from far away country looking for some romance to get away from regular official work in weekend. I am an excellent travel companion and knows all cool places where you can shop, learn about Indian culture even taste some spicy food.

Erotic Dancing :One of my favourite part, erotic dancing where I get chance of removing my clothes on soft music played on background while you fondle my lips, kiss me passionately and take me to bed where you get completely lost in my body.

Wine and Dine combined with love making:Ideal for software programmers who get tired after day’s long coding and wants to enjoy company of beautiful girl but do not know how to communicate. I really sympathises with these boys who are kind natured but can’t have guts to communicate with a girl whom they secretly admire. For these kind of boys, I have started a Wine and Dine service where they can get tips on how to talk to girl, how they can impress their dream of hearts, overall removing inhibitions , inner hesitations while enjoying a good dinner. After night, they get a complete love making training where I teach them how to kiss, where women like to be touched, where not, different types of physical unions. In other words, you can say training a software geek of how to fall woman on their knees to make love to them.

I ensure you that once you attend my Female Escorts in Goa session, you will be pleased with my service and come back again whenever you have business trip. Escort profession doesn’t mean providing physical love, but making people happy just like Doctor take care of one’s health, I as an female escort in Delhi feel proud to say that I remove inner frustration and anger from Indian men making society a better place to live.

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