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Born and brought up in Maharashtra, I started working in early 2000 as bar dancer to support my six sisters. The money was good and everything was going fine, till Government order of closing down bars hit straight my regular source of income as well as my family dependent on me.

I was completely devastated with this decision, with no degree, I was not able to get a decent job, for 2 years, I worked in Mumbai bars as a singer with low income, sometimes I couldn’t afford a simple three days meal, on top of that family dependent on me, those were the worst days of my life. I prayed to god for some miracle to happen and one day it happened, one day while participating in dance troop in Delhi, I became friend with a professional Delhi escort who after listening to my sob story suggested me to join this profession. Delhi escorts Services I reluctantly slept with some Delhi business men; surprisingly I was paid well and enjoyed his company too. That gave me an idea or way to change my career as Delhi Escort

I shifted to Delhi in 2010 and started working as Female Escorts in Delhi, earlier it was quite tough for me to get clients, In fact I have to remain out of work for 2 or 3 months, but with regular advertisement as well as good service, I started getting clients on regular basis. Some clients were kind enough to give me hefty tip after my service, infact they recommended my name to some high profile people too.

Nowadays, I have become a leading escort girl in Delhi whose Phone never stop ringing for booking a session. This is all due to God’s grace.

Since, I was a born dancer; I knew each trick of this business and know very well what pleases men. From my experience as an escort or bar dancer, I can tell you most men want to remove stress, tension in a company of good looking girl. They just want some moment of happiness where they forget all about daily life personal as well as professional problems.

Being a dancer, I have a healthy figure. If you want to date an escort girl who has curvy figure, beautiful face, then you are on right track. With my seductive dancing and wild love making, you will be completely lost and for a moment forget about this selfish world.

Smoking and Drinking is complete no-no for me. I find it quite disgusting, there are some instances when my client has forced drinking on me, but I refused it. Whether you like it or not, I do not prefer dating men who smokes especially drink. Hence, if you want to date a beautiful Jaipur Escorts, you must behave like a Gentlemen, show your elegant style to make a good impression on escort.

Always remember, if you make women happy, treat her with kindness, any woman will fall on your feet and do as you want her to do. It depends on you what exactly you want.

Some people say it is a bad profession, but for me and my family it has been a blessing. My two sisters have got married, one has got admission in Good College and I have got a flat in Mumbai too for my family, thanks to this profession.

My recommendation to all girls who have family to support and do not have much education, become an escort and see yourself rising to a level where all high profile person treats you like a king.

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